Giving Hope Through Healing

Jodi and Ty Stuber of Weidman, Michigan are the owners and operators of Hopewell Ranch. The ranch serves as a therapeutic place for children and adults with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. The Stubers created the ranch after Jodi and Ty, while five months pregnant, their child died due to Jodi’s development of Toxemia. After giving birth to their child, they decided to name her Hope.

Jodi and Ty created Hopewell Ranch after reading a book about Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Oregon, the Stubers decided to create their own as Jodi felt a need to help reach out to others. Through the use of animals, Jodi is able to connect with her clients. Hopewell ranch is a not for profit organization that runs solely off of donations. With the help of friends and family, Jodi and Ty are able to perform the ranches duties to keep it up and running for those in need to enjoy.

Jodi holds individual sessions throughout the week with persons who have physical, emotional or mental disabilities. It is through the use of animal therapy that Jodi and her clients learn to communicate with one another and develop a bond. The Stubers currently have 19 equine on site which are used for riding as well as other forms of therapy.  All services are offered to individuals who are in need of it free of charge.

Ty Stuber works part time as a licensed builder as well as a part time postal employee.  Jodi is in charge of the day to day operations of the ranch along with the help of volunteers. The couple holds an annual cleanup day March 31, where volunteers and companies from the surrounding community aid in cleaning and beautification of the ranch. Many companies donate supplies which will be needed throughout the hear to keep the ranch running.

It is through the support of the community and the support of one another that the Stubers are able to provide their services to the public.

“These horses are worth their weight in gold,” says Stuber. “It’s truly remarkable what we get to see.”